North QLD Obesity Surgery

Mater Medical Centre
Level 3, Suite 8
21- 37, Fulham Road
Pimlico QLD 4812

Phone: (07) 4725 2833
Fax: (07) 4725 0223

North Queensland Obesity Surgery Centre is a purpose built facility for the surgical management of morbid obesity. Our rooms are adjacent to North Queensland Minimally Invasive Surgery in the Mater Medical Centre, Townsville.

The long-term success of obesity surgery is dependent on having a multidisciplinary team of professionals who work together with the goal of providing safe and effective weight-loss surgery, comprehensive education, lifestyle modification, and ongoing follow-up and support.

We utilise equipment specifically designed for bariatric patients including examination beds and weight scales.

Laparoscopic procedures are performed at the Mater Hospital, Pimlico and endoscopic procedures are also performed at the Townsville Day Surgery. At times, procedures are carried out at other medical facilities.

Patient comfort, convenience and wellbeing is very important to us and we understand some people experience nervousness, slight anxiety or apprehension facing their obesity. Our focus is you and we will do our best to ease any unsettling emotions.

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