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Accessing superannuation for your Surgical treatment is an individual choice. We would like to introduce SuperCare – an external service provider assisting individuals and Family Members in applying for the Government’s Early Release of Super (ERS) Programme to cover Surgical treatment costs.

SuperCare can help facilitate funding for the following Procedures:

• General Surgery
• Breast Cancer Surgery
• Cholecystectomy
• Mastectomy
• Vasectomy
• Frenuloplasty

SuperCare’s aim is to help support the health of all Australians by helping relieve the stress and anxiety associated with the financial burden of Surgical treatments. SuperCare is the only company in Australia specifically established to assist individuals with applications for access to their Superannuation in an efficient and timely manner. By doing so, SuperCare ensures that its patients receive the priority treatment they deserve.

SuperCare’s consultants are with their patients every step of the way, facilitating and guiding them through the entire application process. As an integral part of your health support team, SuperCare’s Consultants have an understanding and personal approach and work as a team with their patients to ensure a stress free and timely outcome.

SuperCare has intimate working knowledge of the process, so we can inform you of your options. For example, did you know that you could access your partner’s Superannuation to pay for your treatment? You can also apply to access your Superannuation to pay for treatment for yourself, your partner or your children.

Dr Hugh McGregor
General Surgeon & Gastrointestinal Endoscopist
Suite 311, Level 3 North Lakes Specialist Centre. 6 North Lakes Drive. North Lakes QLD 4509

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