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SuperCare is dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of Australians by helping to alleviate the stress associated with financial pressure when medical interventions are required.

Our highly experienced and knowledgeable staff has a strong commitment to delivering a premium level of customer service in a safe, secure and timely manner.

We proudly work with many of Australia’s top surgeons, medical professionals and premier healthcare providers, including many who are among Australia’s largest publicly-listed companies. We strive to establish and maintain a bond of trust and mutual respect with all our partners.

SuperCare’s staff act with integrity at all times, displaying compassion, sensitivity and reassurance. The privacy and confidentiality of patients and their families is respected and assured at all times.

As a National company, SuperCare operates across all Australian Times Zones and business hours are both Eastern and Western Standard Times. We've taken steps to ensure that no matter where you are located in Australia, SuperCare can assist with your enquiry with a prompt, informative response. We also offer care for after-hours enquires via phone or our Online chat portal.

At SuperCare we are committed to excellence in everything we do and we're here to help - right across Australia.

SuperCare is not a financial services company and we are not a superannuation fund. We offer a streamlined process and personalised support to our clients throughout the application process by assisting them with their interaction with the Australian Taxation Office and their clinic or medical professional.

Our aim is to remove the hassle and strain involved in making an application to the Australian Taxation Office, replacing it with a stress-free, streamlined process for each and every applicant.

Please note: we are not a financial services company and do not provide financial advice. If you are in need of professional financial advice, we recommend you speak to a qualified financial advisor or your superannuation fund.

Early Release of Superannuation applications are assessed under the SUPERANNUATION INDUSTRY (SUPERVISION) (SIS Regs) REGULATIONS 1994 - REG 6.19A. Certain criteria must be met to be granted release. For further information please visit www.austlii.edu.au/au/legis/cth/consol_reg/sir1994582/s6.19a or The Australian Government Comlaw website www.comlaw.gov.au/ to view this legislation.

DISCLAIMER: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek an opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner. Information on this page is not to be used as a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment of any health condition or problem.


Success Rate

SuperCare has a great application success rate > if your application is not approved, money back.

Faster approval

Get approval faster.

Experienced Staff

Our experienced staff guide you through each and every step.

Major Partner

SuperCare is partnered with all the Major Clinics and Specialists.

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